Is this some sort of game, er, story to you?

Yeah, this one is definitely not a game. But, rather, a prequel to a game?

Unable to shake the world and characters I’d created with A Breach at Stronghold, I dove in head first and just kept writing. Subscribe to my Substack for “monster-of-the-month” episodes with an overarching story. Each “episode” unfolds through eight chapters, which “air” a chapter at a time, every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Minor Arcana: Monsters & Echoes novella series was created as bonus content for the A Breach at Stronghold murder mystery party game. The novellas exist independent of the game. Playing this game is not required before reading the stories; nor does one need to play the game after reading it. It is merely an expansion of the world created for A Breach at Stronghold, as that proved to be a world uneasy for me to shake.

In keeping with the world of the game, this urban fantasy/paranormal series is in the vein of shows like SupernaturalBuffy the Vampire Slayer or The X-Files, and fiction like Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris or Cassandra Clare.


XO Ash