Get lost… in the woods!

Introducing our new mini-escape room-style game, Lost in the Woods. For one or two players, this game creates the escape room experience in your own home and without the nerve-wracking time limit!

I was inspired by a mini escape-room game, Escape from the Museum, by Professor Puzzle, which my mum gifted me as a stocking stuffer a couple of years ago. It was a fun weekend challenge to put together the escape room story and craft the puzzles. After having Husband playtest a few of them (apologies for a couple of typos that threw off a whole cipher puzzle!), I’ve put on the finishing touches et voila!

While my first instinct was to making this as shiny-looking as a tangible boxed game could be, I also quickly realized that most people will probably just want to print it at home. As such, there are three files to download at Minor Arcana Games over at the printer-friendly version, a low-resolution PDF, and a high-resolution PDF with crop marks and all, if anyone actually does feel like going crazy with the print runs!

XO Ash