Fire up the popcorn machines!

It’s time for the village fête! In our latest TTRPG, The Village Fête, players work together with others to plan and put on a festival for the quaint and idyllic village of Purehaven. Moving through three phases (creating your Purehaven, planning the fête, and running the fête), players will get to flex their event-planning muscles and let their creativity loose!

During the last phase – the actual fête itself! – players will draw cards from a standard 52-card deck to find out what crazy things happen or warm and fuzzy memories are made. At the end, you – the Purehaven Planning Committee – all kick back at the local pub or tavern to enjoy a drink and reminisce about the wonderful day you just had.

Create your village, plan your festival, then find out what happens!
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I created The Village Fête as a way to indulge in (problem-free?) event planning and to celebrate small communities. I wanted to give players the chance to build their own small village, plan what wacky and wonderful things that village would celebrate, and then let the day of celebration unfold.

The Village Fête is purposefully open for modification and adaptability. If you want a world of high drama (a la The Carter County PTA), go for it! If you’d rather create a cozy world where everyone gets along, it’s yours! Additionally, you can role-play as much or as little as you’d like. Perhaps you want to flesh out the characters of the Purehaven Planning Committee and act in character; or perhaps you’d prefer to act third-person narrators describing what the committee does. The choice is yours! The game – and the fête – are what you make of it!

Enjoy! And when it’s all over have a round at the pub on me!

XO Ash