Have a micro-RPG, as a treat.

By either random chance or sinister machinations I cannot possibly comprehend, more than few micro (business card size) RPGs have crossed my path in the last week. These micro-games fit (you guessed it!) onto a single business card. The premise alone thrills my sense of economy. How can you cram a whole game onto just a business card?

But this was a challenge I wanted to take on as a creative exercise one night. So I curled up on the couch ready to start, but remained unsure what the heck my game was going to be about. And then my cat yawned, annoyed at the interruptions to her attempted nap, and – voila! – I had my idea!

Download Catnap for free as a PDF from Itch.io!

In one night, I wrote, formatted, and play-tested the game, Catnap with Husband (the cat was happily asleep by this point), and I gotta say, the expediency of the process is shockingly pleasing. The little reward bell in my brain couldn’t stop dinging.

The game takes no more than several minutes to play and I hope that’s all it takes to make you smile!

XO Ash