Join us for an evening of murder.

Minor Arcana presents genre-inspired twists on the classic dinner party murder mystery games that entertained countless suburbanites in the 80s and 90s! But far from the posh drawing room-inspired sagas that encouraged your parents and their neighbours to dress up like flappers, our murder mysteries have a more contemporary spin!

With quirky genre riffs, our murder mysteries are similar to the dinner party style, where each player has a booklet for their character detailing their backstory and arrives for the evening in character (costumes optional). They differ, however, in that – unlike the traditional dinner party mysteries – players do their reading ahead of time (10 pages tops!), so they arrive already knowing everything their character does.

We find this keeps the fun moving on the night, as all new revelations made and clues uncovered are done so as a group, rather than everything grinding to a halt while everyone reads through several chunky blocks of backstory they probably already should have known.

As recent events forced us to discover, these murder mystery dinner parties can also be played in a virtual space. You might all have to fend for yourselves dinner-wise, but all you really need are eight people (ideally former theatre kids), ready to embrace their characters and have a great time! 

XO Ash