Stronghold Bonus Content

Huzzah! You found our hidden gems!

The bonus content shared here exists entirely independent of the A Breach at Stronghold murder mystery party game. It is not required reading before playing the game; nor does one need to play the game after reading it. It is merely an expansion of the world created for A Breach at Stronghold, as that proved to be a world uneasy for me to shake.

These “special features,” so to speak, all take place in the lead up to the events of the murder mystery game and flesh out the world and backstory.

XO Ash

Official DCU Dossier

This dossier is everything the DCU (Dark Crimes Unit) of the FBI has on the Society. All other records, it seems, have vanished from the archives… 

Download as PDF at!

Players can read it before the game, after the game, or not at all. It contains no spoilers or clues, but just fleshes out the world of the Society, providing a sliver of insight into the history of Stronghold and the Society’s troubled relationship with magical law enforcement. 

Minor Arcana: Monsters & Echoes

A secret society of monster hunters investigate supernatural threats with the help of the FBI’s Dark Crimes Unit. Join the Society in this prequel to A Breach at Stronghold.

This ongoing series combines monsters-of-the-month with an overarching story in the classic style of Supernatural, the Buffyverse, or The X-Files. Each “episode” unfolds through eight chapters, published twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursday) on Substack. If Wattpad is more your jam, each eight-chapter novella is published there approximately two weeks after it has finished “airing” on Substack.

OR… if you prefer good old fashioned paperbacks or eBooks, once each episode has finished “airing,” order a copy of the novella! Episode One: The Society is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more right now.