It’s time to unleash the drama.

I am simply agog with excitement to share a new single-session TTRPG, designed for those of us who really just want to be dramatic. In The Carter Country PTA, you are the various members of the local Parent-Teacher Association, and you have your own pet project or wild overhaul you want accomplished at Carter County School. This is your… *drumroll please* Agenda Item).

With the next PTA Meeting looming, you will all explore the melodramatic and over-the-top backstories behind your Agenda Item, with each character leading their own flashback. That’s right – no GM required! And no dice either! You’ve got to duke these conflicts out yourselves. (With your words only, of course! We’re all prim and polite members of the PTA, after all.)

Download The Carter County PTA for free from Itch-io!

Designed for a single-session game with no prep required (just pick up and play!), the Carter County PTA was inspired by the classic song 1968 “Harper Valley PTA,” written by Tom T. Hall and recorded most famously by Jeannie C. Riley (but also Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and many others) and the fact that we’re always looking for excellent single-session pick-up-and-play games whenever we’re visiting with our fellow RPG friends out of town.

I have a hunch this game will also pair very well with any beer or wine. 😉

XO Ash

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